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Terms and Condition

Online Terms and Conditions agreement

  1. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. In this Agreement, when we say "we", "us" ", it means BG Wireless and when we say "you", it means you, our customer, or the individual who will be accessing our Site or our Customer Online Portal. Our "Customer Online Portal" shall mean the portions of the Site where access is only granted after you have successfully logged-in or where you can access your account information.

    (2) You accept and acknowledge receipt of this Agreement by performing any of the following: (a) giving us a written or electronic signature, (b) activating or setting up the Customer Online Portal or using your Customer Online Portal (c) accessing or using BG Wireless, which includes the mobile website (the "Site"), (d) downloading or using any of the images from our Site where allowed. If you do not want to accept this Agreement, please do not do any of the above.

(3) You should read this Agreement together with any other existing and future written agreements that you have with us and any terms, conditions, or disclaimers provided on our web site. For example, our Services Terms and Conditions will include terms that govern your use of our Services or Devices. If there is a conflict between a term in this Agreement and any other written agreement with us, the term of the other agreement will apply to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.

(4) We may change this Agreement, or Customer Online Portal at any time.


  1. Material and information on this Site, including text, images, graphics, design, downloadable contents, links, and any other material and information presented on this Site ("Information") is protected under the copyright laws of The United States and other countries. Some of this information may be the copyright of others. You do not have permission to copy, redistribute or republish in any full or partial form any of this information. Except as expressly provided herein this Agreement, you have no right to license, express or implied, directly or indirectly, to the Information. Information on this Site are and remains our properties. (2) All information, software, programs, codes, and any other tools we provide online are proprietary to us (or to a third party if applicable). You agree not to sell, distribute, commercially exploit, reverse engineer or in any way infringe in our rights (or the third party's rights) such information, software, programs, codes, or any other tools. You further agree not to use any part of the Customer Online Portal or the Site except for your own personal use.

    (1) When you visit the Site or send e-mail to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on the Site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

    (2) We use a secure server when you submit your credit card, debit card, or other account numbers to make a payment or purchase. If you choose to use the secure server software (SSL) encrypts the credit card information you submit before it is sent to us. This helps decrease the risk of the information being accessed without authority. We reserve the right to amend and update security procedures without notification.

    (4) Your visit to the Site, email, and other communications sent over the Internet is not secure and may be lost, intercepted, or altered. Except where another written agreement with us says otherwise, you agree that we are under no obligation to accept or act on any instructions you provide to us by email.

    (5) If you send us confidential or personal information by email, we will not be liable if it is lost or intercepted, altered, or misused by someone else. If you send us an email, you agree that we may (at our sole discretion) respond to you by email, and provide by email any confidential or personal information that you have requested; you also agree we will not be liable if the information we provide is lost or intercepted, altered or misused by someone else.

    Passwords, Security, and Authorization

    (1) You agree to keep your password(s) and any other information that may reasonably be used to gain access to your account ("Passwords") confidential and not to share your password(s) with anyone. You agree not to allow anyone else to use the Customer Online Portal under your login or account.

    (2) You agree to carefully select your Passwords so that it cannot be reasonably guessed, including refraining from using any of the following of yourself or of your relatives: name, dates of birth, telephone numbers, addresses, username, account number, credit card number, numbers on pieces of identifications, any numbers that can be found on your BG Wireless statements, password that you use for any other services, or any other passwords that may be reasonably guessed.

    (5) You agree that each instruction you provide on or while using the Customer Online Portal is final and that we can accept your instructions, including your electronic acceptance of this Agreement and any other agreements, terms, policies, notices or guidelines as if you had provided us with a paper copy thereof. We may but are not obligated to record and maintain a record of your instructions.

    (7) You agree that you will not use our Site or the Customer Online Portal or any information provided therein for any illegal or improper purpose, or take steps that would have a negative impact on the security, integrity or functioning of our systems. You further agree not to use a third party's Site, software or service to access Customer Online Portal or any other parts of our web site, or to stream any information we provide online.

    Your Use

    (3) You are solely responsible for all Instructions performed to your account via the Customer Online Portal.

(2) All references in this Agreement to dollars or to "$" are expressed in US currency unless otherwise specifically indicated.

(3) Whenever payments are to be made or an action is to be taken on a day which is not a business day, such payment shall be made or such action shall be taken on or not later than the next succeeding business day.

(4) We shall not be responsible for delays or failures of deliveries or for losses or damages resulting from force majeure, including without limitation, industrial disputes, riots, mobs, fires, floods, wars, embargo, shortages of labor, power, fuel, means of transportation or general lack of necessities (whether relating to the Company or its suppliers or subcontractors) or resulting from regulations or order of any government or governmental agency or any other circumstance beyond our control.

(8) Time is of the essence of this Agreement.

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